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From The Owner:

My name is Marcus Eldred. I've proudly operated Marcus Drywall for nearly two decades. Several years ago a contractor pal told me "Tell people about the three 'P's'; pick two 'cause you'll never get all three." At the time maybe that bird would fly. Today, we know you had better give all three P's or just go on home.

We believe that by treating our employees with respect and dignity, we can continue to offer better service to our customers. Several of our long-term employees have medical and dental insurance through Marcus Drywall.

We invite you to achieve the three "P's" by allowing us to provide painting and drywall estimates. Or try out our service team to fix a hole in the wall.


About Marcus Drywall Inc.

Marcus Drywall, Inc. is a member of the Master Builders' Association, the Better Business Bureau, the Independent Business Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and a founding member of the Washington Drywall Coalition. Marcus Drywall, Inc. financially contributes to community programs.

Marcus Drywall, Inc. has been in business since 1990. Marcus Drywall incorporated in March of 1998. The president is Marcus Eldred, an area resident of over 38 years

Marcus Eldred served on the Drywall Technical Advisory Committee in Olympia for Labor & Industries from 1997 to 2001 and participated on the CAC Ergonomics Wallboard Group.

Company Innovations and Methods

Drywall damage from truss uplift:

This problem can greatly be reduced and often completely eliminated. We can install 25 angle metal to top plates where trusses cross over and fasten the drywall to that metal rather than the truss. This method is something we came up with in 1993. We know that our competitors are starting to copy our idea, but, not many are properly attaching the metal, which will defeat the purpose and potentially exaggerate the problem.

Vapor Barrier:

The building code dictated a vapor barrier with a perm rating of less than one must be established on the inside of the exterior walls. Plastic can be installed on the walls prior to drywall or a special primer can be used over the drywall. Our estimates are clear about what type of primer we have included. There is a big difference between perm-rated primer and non-perm-rated primer (over 10 times the moisture transfer). Ask your contractor about this.

Shower/Tub Combination Units:

Shower/Tub units have a flange that runs around the outside of the unit. Drywall should be placed over this flange. This flange helps prevent moisture allowed at the drywall/shower seam to seep into the wall. This flange sticks out, making it necessary to fur the wall out. It has become a common practice to skip the added work of furring the walls out and just stop the drywall at the edge of the flange. This leaves a large gap between the drywall and tub which then is filled with water soluble drywall compound. Over time, this area will turn brown and eventually deteriorate away. We do the extra work of furring the wall, and run the drywall over the flange.

New Cornering Products Engineered for Performance:

Our off angles are finished with Ultra Flex, rather than paper at the angle crease, like other angle trims have. Ultra Flex used hard plastic. Off angles come off with a fine straight finish and are much more resistant to cracking than other methods. We tape on this product with heavy-weight compounds.